Before departure from your present location, you will be advised by the Area Desk of the necessary requirements for an assignment to Sakhalin Island including visa and supporting documentation, passport photographs, medical examination, inoculations and air and sea freight.

If you require any special daily medicine you should bring these with you and prescription medicine should be clearly marked.  

For high value items it is advisable to check the import and export regulations for the Russian Federation.  


For this information, please refer to the medical contact in your present location.


For up to date information please contact the HR Department directly.


A full briefing on company relocation issues and policy can be obtained directly from the HR department in the office.

Additionally you may find the following publications interesting:

Lonely Planet Guide to Russia, (7th edition), March 2015, Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd, ISBN 978-1742207339

Xenophobe’s guide to the Russians, by Vladimir Zhelvis, 2010, Oval Books, ISBN 978-1906042462


It is possible to bring pets with you to Sakhalin Island, but allow yourself a few months to organise everything.  Zima is a good place for pets because of the open space and general lack of traffic. Dogs must be on a lead at all times and owners must pick up their dogs excrement. There is a high cat population in Zima. Please note that there are no fences within Zima apart from the perimeter fence.

There are several veterinary clinics in Yuzhno which offer routine annual vaccinations for cats and dogs.  Outside working hours some veterinarians are available for emergency services and home visits.  If you don't speak Russian, you will most likely require an interpreter. Bring your pet’s Vaccination Record/Pet Passport and maybe a supply of medications such as and flea/tick treatment like 'Frontline' and eardrops (you can buy them in Sakhalin as well). A form of flea and tick treatment is essential because of the presence of ticks, particularly in May - July. You can buy special tick tweezers in Yuzhno or in your base country for easy removal.  Cat litter, dog food and cat food (tinned, foil sachets and dry) are widely available e.g. Royal Canine, Eukanuba, Science Plan, etc.  If your pet has a particular food preference, bring it with you as it may not be available in Sakhalin.  

To know more about pet regulations and importing on pets, please visit: You can also download our Inside Guide for more details.


You require a detailed inventory for both air and sea freight listing quantities, a description of each item packed, price as well as the serial numbers of any electrical goods. This should be taken into account when you book the packers as it may take longer to pack than you anticipate. Regarding the latest requirements check with your moving company.


For up-to-date accompanied baggage allowances and reimbursement details please contact your HR department. 

It is possible to check in your baggage all the way to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk if you have a through ticket with one airline (for instance, Aeroflot).

What to Include: 

  • medical essentials
  • bath size towels (loan kit towels are very small)
  • bed linen (loan kit is of variable quality)
  • Essential equipment for babies/children (car seats)
  • Toys and books to keep children entertained when you arrive 

If arriving in winter also include:

  • Warm clothing
  • Hats and gloves
  • Warm footwear with flat non-slip soles

There is a library in the Zima camp which features an excellent section of books and DVDs for adults and children. 

The Outpost Sakhalin office has a limited selection of household items, toys and baby equipment available for short-term loan.  


On Sakhalin Island, an agent handles the air freight and delivers it to your house. It can take up to two weeks for your freight to clear Customs Air freight is opened and inspected, so it is best not to include any valuable items or antiques.


Upon arrival on Sakhalin, sea freight is inspected by Customs before being delivered to your home. It can take up to 6 weeks additional time to clear customs before it is delivered to your home.  Check with your moving company for estimated arrival times. 

Please note some particular precautions if your goods travel to Sakhalin in the winter months (October to April):

  • Any liquids in the freight are likely to freeze and on doing so expand their containers and could shatter.
  • Any moisture inside electrical goods could freeze and cause damage.  It is advisable to let your electrical appliances come up to room temperature before starting them up.
  • Food items are not allowed in the shipment

After you have unpacked, you may wish to take photographs of any valuable items or antiques as you may need to prove ownership when you leave the country.  You should take photos of any breakages and damage you feel happened during transport for insurance claims.


Extra toys and food and, if travelling in winter, extra clothing and a baby blanket should be taken in case of delays. No other problems have been experienced to date.  There is a children’s nursery and play area in the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.  There is also a nursery and children’s play area in Seoul Incheon airport.  Incheon has a good transit hotel, as well as numerous accommodation options in close proximity of the airport.  


Should you encounter any problems at the airport on arrival you should contact the Sakhalin Energy Office.   The Company address and telephone number is:

Sakhalin Energy Investment Co. Ltd.
35, Dzerzhinskogo St
Sakhalin Island
Russia 693020
Telephone: +7 4242 662000

International Flight Arrival

If you arrive via Seoul or Japan, you will first pass through Passport Control, where you will supply your passport and visa and completed Migration Card (handed to you on the plane).  It can take as long as an hour or more (if you have children you are sometimes allowed to the front of the queue).  

You then proceed through to International baggage reclaim hall, where there is a single baggage carousel.  Upon leaving the baggage reclaim hall, all baggage is checked against your baggage tags (keep these handy) and put through an x-ray machine.   Once outside the airport look for the Sakhalin Energy Contact who will take you to your accommodation.  


You will have cleared customs elsewhere in Russia so the process on arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is more straightforward.

You will be transported by bus to the arrivals hall.  You will need to have your white baggage tags with you as these will be checked against your baggage as you leave the baggage hall. There are a limited number of trolleys/luggage carts available. 

Once outside, look for the Sakhalin Energy Contact for your transport to your accommodation.


Upon arrival Outpost will have placed a small complimentary food pack in your accommodation.

You are also provided with an Information Pack with relevant up-to-date information.  Please make sure that you locate the information pack and let someone know if you have not received it. 

A colleague from your department or a representative of the Outpost Meet and Greet team will contact you on arrival. They are available to help you with any queries. 

There are 2 small convenience shops 10 minutes walk from Zima / Strawberry Hills where you can buy extra supplies.

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